Login Hints and Tips

Having trouble logging in?

Some hints and tips to make life a bit easier

  • The first and most important tip:  Why aren’t you using a Password Manager?  These make managing your userids and passwords so much easier. No need to remember horrible passwords or even type them in!  Google “Password Managers” to discover all about them, there are many to choose from both free and paid. Try them out to find one that works best for you, then use it.
  • If the login fails do not simply keep repeating it, this is likely to lock you out for a while. 
  • Double check that you are entering your username or email address correctly. We see many attempts where the email address in particular is misspelt.  .con instead of .com or just missing the uk from .co.uk.  Please recheck before retrying.
  • Have you left Caps Lock on? That will cause havoc with passwords.   
  • If using your email address to login. Are you sure it is the one registered with the website? If you have changed it recently you may be using the wrong one.  When logged in you can change your email address if needed. The correct email is required as this is also where any forgotten password links will be sent.
  • As above if you are trying to reset your forgotten password and are not receiving any emails – Check your spam/junk folders and also ensure the email registered on the website is the one you are now using.
  • If you still have issues then please get in touch with us via the Contact Us page.