AGM minutes

Here are the minutes of the 2017 AGM.   The branch and rally reports have also been added to the appropriate branch pages.


Held on Saturday 25th November 2017 at
Salterns Harbourside Hotel, Salterns Marina, Poole
The AGM was hosted by Rick Locker (Chairman) and Steve Jones (Treasurer), with Nigel
Thomas (President and Membership Secretary) in attendance.
Janet Trythall, Jonty & Morag Clews, Tim Forrester, Ben Wright, Alan Winton, Trevor
Davies, John Andrews & Freda Haylett, Roy & Kathleen Marrian, Doug Chase, Steve &
Rachel Hughes, Glennis Williams, Bob & Linda Smout, Alison Chadwick, Geoff Hilditch,
John Moncrieff, Nigel Stokes, Nick Dunkley, Chris & Gill Kilbracken, Alison Chadwick, Paul
Devonish, Hugh & Angela Farrant, Richard & Jane Kingsnorth, Ken Knowles, George
These were taken as read and unanimously accepted by the meeting as a correct record.
Rick welcomed 40no members to the meeting and expressed pleasure to be attending his
first AGM as Chairman and also welcomed Steve to his first AGM as Treasurer.

After many years of holding the AGM in the central Solent area, Rick explained his
reasoning for a change of venue. The SSOA is a national organisation and it would
be good to open up the AGM to as much of the membership as possible. Whilst
Poole is a modest move from the Solent, it is the original home of Sadler Yachts and
felt a natural first step. It is hoped to move the AGM to other geographic locations in
future years.
The profile of Association remains consistently high in the yachting press – several
articles in 2017, more to come in 2018 including PBO appraisal of S39 and coverage
of owner’s associations, which the SSOA have contributed to. This ongoing coverage
is testament to the longevity and quality of our brand.
We continue to raise the SSOA profile with Facebook group – launched in October
2016 and now has 250 members with several from overseas including South Africa,
South America and Turkey. It is providing an easy accessible platform
communications, photos and comparing sailing passages and boat upgrades. The
longer term aim is to concert members of the Facebook group to full members of
The Association Website & Forum are working better in new format but there is still
work to do with plans for adding much more historical archive material, member
offers and stories
We are discussing with Yachting Monthly to buy all historic articles and used boat
reviews for Sadler and Starlight yachts.
We now have a partnership arrangement for SSOA branded clothing. Full details are
on the website – members can include SSOA logo, boat class and/or boat name to
be carried on a variety of sweatshirts, fleeces, caps, t-shirts and polo shirts.•
We will spend the next twelve months continuing our work to make the SSOA a go-to
hub for information about our yachts.
Rick concluded his report by welcoming feedback from the members – email contacts can
be found in the yearbook and on the website.
Steve reminded the AGM that the Accounts had been sent out with the calling notice. He
drew the meeting’s attention to the following key points:

The Bank Balance was £1700 more that the end of the previous accounting period.
Membership subscriptions had increased by £550.
o Total membership as at accounting year end – 294no
o New members during the accounting period – 72no
o New members since accounting year end – 6no
o All but 1no new member joined via the website
o All but 3no new members paid by Paypal
o 14no members had re-joined – the majority following direct contact from
Mandy Mcnamara
o Of those how did not re-join this year only 17no provided a reason
There are 2 items of expenditure in the accounts which relate to the next accounting
period. These are AGM Room Hire (£300) and 40 th Anniversary Venue Holding
Deposit (£570). Hence the true year on year bank balance was £2,570 more
Expenditure on the Website was circa £4,000 less in this accounting period due to
not having the website set up costs and also bringing the maintenance of the website
“in house”. It is expected that website expenditure will increase this accounting period
as planned enhancements are rolled out.
The stock level is valued at £1029. It is noted that ties and brooches were not selling
and only 8 pennants had sold during the year.
It was noted from the floor that it was good news that he decline in membership numbers
had been halted.

The Chairman thanked the Treasurer and asked for a show of hands to Receive and Adopt
the Accounts – agreed unanimously.
The Chairman introduced the Agenda item by stating that the SSOA was a non-profit
organisation and beyond reasonable contingency for ongoing overhead expenditure, the
remaining fund should be used to benefit the members.
Currently, a small contribution/subsidy is made to branch rallies, with thoughts to ‘rate card’
this contribution by making a link to the number of attending members. Beyond this, how
should any surplus funds be used to enhance the member benefits? Thoughts from the floor
were welcomed:

Lengthy discussion about a possible book – History of Sadler and Starlight Yachts.
Advice from floor was this would be an expensive exercise. Also noted from the floor
that similar had been done with Contessa Owner’s Association, but few copies sold•

and the Association carried a loss.
Discussion also about a digital book and a 40 th Anniversary Book for all members.
Proposal to be considered by SSOA Committee
Suggestion to give a pennant to all new members – Treasurer remarked that this
would be a costly exercise – not necessarily for new members going forward, but
more of how to address the 70 odd new members in 2017 who had not been given a
pennant on joining (and also for earlier years). Proposal to be considered by SSOA
Suggestion to gain ownership of boat interior moulds. Unsure of current provenance
and deemed to be impractical for SSOA – no least for storage and logistical reasons.
Suggestion to create half moulds or models of the Sadler/Starlight yachts. Proposal
to be considered by the SSOA Committee.
The Chairman introduced the Agenda item. The Treasurer then talked through the key
changes – summarised below:

The Objects updated to reflect the current methods of communicating with Members
The officers of the SSOA were now clearly identified
The members of the Committee were now clearly identified removing a previous
Nominations for Officers and Committee members reworded for clarity
The practice where new members joining after 1 Aug in a year were granted
membership until 31 Dec the following year was added.
The Treasurer stated that the updated rules would be put in the Member’s Page on the
website and would also be included in the 2018 Yearbook. Following a comment from the
floor, it was agreed to add the rules to the ‘open to all’ pages of the website so that it is
visible to prospective members.
The Chairman thanked the Treasurer and asked for a show of hands to accept all the
updates to the Rules of the Association – agreed unanimously.
The Chairman introduced the Agenda item and invited Dave Penn, West Country Branch
Chairman to present his report.
The West Country branch events started with a Fitting out lunch at Exe Sailing Club in April
that was reasonably well attendance and we all enjoyed lunch with fantastic views over the
River Exe and pre lunch drinks on their balcony. It was a very bright sunny day and warm for
the time of year.
West country members have had a resurgence this year attending the events when they
can. Their support is very much appreciated.
We held a Rally in Fowey over the late May Bank Holiday. The weather leading up to it was
not the best. My thanks go to Bruce & Vicki Carter (Elektra 29) for arranging this and for the
support from the Association to help to get the pontoon party going. A BBQ at the Fowey
Gallants SC that was shared by the Ballard racing fleet was enjoyed with tales of adventures
of trips to Fowey including a non Sadler owner Phil Kirby with his Hurley 30.
We had a BBQ in the Yealm in June the early summer that again was reasonably well
supported. This was a special event for Lerryn, Chris & Kay Warren’s daughter, (Chablis 26)as she had just learned of her success in her degree that has enabled her to progress her
career. Well done Lerryn. Congratulatory drinks were had onboard Chablis that for some
seemed further away from the pontoon when he got off to when he got on resulting in a wet
This year I arranged a week long Cruise from Dartmouth to Falmouth/Helford at the end of
July. We increased in numbers as we went west picking up boats along the way. The
weather on our arrival at Falmouth was fine but soon took a turn for the worse with lots of
wind and rain. In order to keep us all occupied I arranged a trip to Rustlers Yard and the
group had a conducted tour of the workshops seeing how they build Rustlers. Thanks to
Nick at Rustler for accommodating us at short notice. The Sea Cadet Corps Rustler 42 was
in build at the time, and one lucky owner had a beautiful 42 waiting in the hoist to be
launched and handed over the following day. Nick announced that they had recently
disposed of the Starlight moulds have kept them for a number of years. Following the visit,
we all met for supper in the Penryn Marina bistro and enjoyed a splendid meal. My thanks
go to Kevin Mitchell for suggesting & arranging booking the venue. Some made a brief visit
to Helford but returned to the shelter of Falmouth.
Our Laying Up lunch held at Royal Plymouth Corinthian Yacht Club at the end of October
that was very well supported. 49 members and guests. The Commodore of RPCYC is a
new member having acquired a 34 earlier this year.
WCB members have been seen cruising along the West Country coast & further afield
proudly flying the Sadler burgees. Long may this continue. I have received a few enquiries
from potential owners of Sadlers and Starlights and I’m grateful to both Bruce and Kevin for
their enthusiastic response and showing off their own boats. I have also taken potential
Starlight owners out on my boat who have gone away converted!
The Prizes:
The competition this year was fierce for the trophies:
“Seamanship Salver”
This was presented to a relatively new couple to our group. Their boat, a Starlight 39 Etoile
Filante (Shooting Star in French), Chris & Julia ventured into Turf Lock basin and stayed
there a couple of nights. For those of you who know the upper reaches of the Exe, it dries
out. The weather & tide needs to be right and making arrangements with the Exeter City
Council lock keepers to arrange for it to be opened is no mean feat in itself! They have also
visited small Cornish ports with only a few inches of water under the keel and a few feet from
submerged rocks, not by luck but by careful reference to almanacs and HM advice. Julia
has recently been awarded her RYA Coastal Skipper qualification so congratulations on that.
Dave concluded his report by announcing that after ten years as branch chairman, he felt it
was time to step down. Dave discussed with local branch members and in due course, Kevin
Mitchell had volunteered to takeover the branch chairmanship. This was further discussed at
the branch laying up lunch with a positive response from local members.
The Chairman therefore proposed to the AGM that Kevin Mitchell be accepted as new West
Country Chairman. This was unanimously agreed with immediate effect.10. NORTH WALES REPORT
The Chairman introduced the Agenda item and explained that Geoff Hilditch, North Wales
Branch Chairman was unable to attend the AGM and therefore his report would be
presented by Andy Kendrick.
The year started with a very well attended lunchtime meeting at the Mulberry pub at Conwy
Marina on Saturday 25 th February when 16 members representing 9 boats sat down for a
meal, drinks and an informal chat about boats and plans for the season.
We held 2 formal and 1 last minute impromptu rallies during the year, which were reasonably
well attended by members based on the Menai Straits.
29 th April to 1 st May – 4 Sadlers (+ 2 other classes) sailed from Caernarfon, Felinheli and
Bangor for 2 nights in Conwy Marina.
25 th to 28 th August – 4 Sadlers (+ 4 other classes) sailed from Caernarfon, Felinheli and
Bangor and anchored Friday night at Moelfre, Saturday night at Cemaes Bay and 3 of the
Sadlers tied alongside the new pontoon at Menai Bridge on Sunday night.
16 th to 19 th September – a leisurely circumnavigation of Anglesey by 2 Sadlers and a
Westerly, anchoring at Llanddwyn Island on Saturday night, alongside in Holyhead marina
for Sunday night and on moorings near the Gazelle Hotel on the Menai Straits on Monday
on Monday night.
A couple of our local members have sold their boats during the course of the season but,
despite the reduction in numbers, we have seen steady progress of the North Wales Branch
with good support from a small hard core of members. I’m planning to arrange more rallies
during the 2018 season and another land based meeting over the winter which I hope will
encourage some more boat owners to join in with water borne events.
The Chairman also acts as South Coast Branch Chairman and therefore Rick presented his
The broad south coast region is a hive of activity on the water over the main sailing season,
with much competition for diary space with local sailing clubs, racing and the like but I am
please to report that the SSOA South Coast events have continued to be well supported in
2017, for which I am very grateful. We have held two rallies this year:
June 16-18 th Rally – Friday night saw our now traditional drinks and a bowl of chilli on Jellicle
in Ocean Village, whilst Saturday saw the fleet muster on the mid river pontoon at Bucklers
Hard on the Beaulieu River where food drinks and stories were shared into the late evening.
Some 13no boats (and 25 people) attended: Jellicle, Le Canard, Alexandra, Goodeaux,
Patience, Gemini, Vivace, Eureka, Coquette, Balair, Rockhopper, Sally and Blue Diamond.
On September 5 th we held a rally and dinner at Marchwood Sailing Club – with huge thanks
to Mark & Amanda Ford for organizing this event and also to the very friendly Marchwood
club for hosting us. Great sailing for all on the Saturday with a very wet departure on the
Sunday morning – 9no boats (plus 2no cars and 23 people) attended: Jellicle, Eureka,
Alexandra, Blue Diamond, Freebird, Prospero, Supertacks, Diamond Life, Vivace,
Rockhopper and Dreamer.2018 Diary dates – 15-17 th June rally Ocean Village and Bembridge, guaranteed berths and
tables to the Jazz on the Quay Festival. 8 th September in Lymington – Dan Bran pontoon
and dinner at Lymington Town Sailing Club.
There have been several impromptu meets over the year with a few members getting
together flying the Association burgee with pride and I also hope this continues into 2018.
The Chairman introduced the agenda item and explained that 2018 would be the 40 th
Anniversary of the SSOA and the Committee had agreed that this was a considerable and
noteworthy milestone and should be celebrated. The following was therefore announced:

A main 40 th Anniversary Celebratory Dinner will be held in Poole at the RNLI college
on Saturday 20 th October 2018. The guest of honour and after dinner speaker will be
Tom Cunliffe. The event will include a three-course meal with wine; a seven-piece
Swing Band for music and dancing; Anecdotes and reminisces from members of the
Association, old and new. With a SSOA subsidy, ticket prices will be £50 and will go
on sale in the New Year, with more details to follows as plans progress.
Rick acknowledged that all members should be included in the celebrations and attending
the Dinner may be geographically prohibitive for some members, therefore further
announcements were:

SSOA contributing additional funds to regional branches for them to create and run
their own 40 th celebrations.
A 40 th Anniversary gift to every member of the Association will be mailed with the
2018 year book
The Chairman introduced three further items under AOB as follows:
East Coast Branch
There have been no events on the East coast for some time and there are a good number of
Sadler and Starlight boats known to be based in the region – some are SSOA members but
many are not. This view was supported from the floor.
Andy Kendrick keeps his boat on the East Coast and prior to the AGM had been in
discussion with Rick about re-launching an East Coast branch. Rick welcomed the proposal
and invited Andy to make a short presentation of his thoughts and ideas to the AGM. Andy
presented with enthusiasm and a proposal to organise a land based get-together early in the
New Year to gauge a response from local members and hopefully organise future events
accordingly. Rick offered full support from the SSOA and proposed that Andy be accepted
as the new East Coast Chairman. This was unanimously agreed with immediate effect.
Further Regional Events
The above item prompted further discussion. Rick noted there had been some discussion on
the Facebook group about the lack of events in South Wales. Rick has proposed (via
Facebook) to local members that if they wish to organise an event, the SSOA would fully
support it. Likewise, from the floor, a member talked of a summer visit to the West coast of
Scotland and staying in a hotel whose owner also had Sadler. The hotel owner suggested
he might also be prepared to organise an event. Rick will follow this up.Chairman’s Plate
In recognition of longstanding contribution to the West Country Branch, the Chairman’s Plate
was awarded to Dave Penn.
AGM at 40 th weekend
It was proposed that the 2018 AGM is held on the same weekend as the 40 th Anniversary
Dinner at the RNLI college in Poole.
From the floor, Roger Bonnet proposed a vote of thanks be including in the minutes for the
Chairman’s work over the last twelve months. This was seconded by the President who
congratulated the Chairman on the improvements brought in over the past year and for a
successful and productive AGM.
The meeting was closed at 12.55 and the members adjourned for lunch.