Sadler 25 layout

hello there.

i am considering the purchase of a Sadler 25 it will be my first boat !

however I am not keen on the layout as regards the galley position, is it possible to move the cooker/sink keeping it on the same side of the boat but moving it nearer the companion way so giving a little more head height also I could sit on the companion steps while cooking the layout is more like the 26 which is out of my budget …I am in the fortunate position of having a joinery so refitting the boat out is not a problem , I know it will make using the aft berth a problem but most of the time I will be sailing solo or with my girlfriend,so I will make the salon bed into a double . While I am on the subject of refitting is there anyway of making the forward cabin function as a double I am just under 6ft . I know I could maybe move the heads but am not sure if the balkheads which seperate of the heads are structural or not ?.

any help much appreciated. Many thanks