Website welcome from the outgoing Chairman

I am very pleased to welcome the arrival of the new SSOA website, which has been the result of months of work by Rick Locker, together with Richard Netherclift of Insignia Creative Ltd.

The objective was twofold: firstly, to embrace the latest advances in computer technology such as internet banking and facebook; and secondly, to seek to replace many of the features of our magazine – hence you will find a tab for members’ cruising notes as well as an enhanced small ads section;  meanwhile, our very popular discussion forum has replaced and superceded the various technical articles.

It is perhaps fitting, if a little sad for the traditionalists, that the savings we have made by closing the magazine, have enabled us to finance the creation of the new website and its running costs.  I hope and believe that you will consider it a worthwhile successor and a fitting manner for the old Sadler and Starlight marques to enter the modern world.