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    I have the use of a rig tension gauge with the idea of re tensioning my rig.
    My headsail furler seems a bit saggy and I have nealy used up all the threads of the adjustable back stay tensioner.
    Has anyone got the info on rig tension?


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    John Moncrieff

    Please use the search funtion. as this has been covered so many times before.
    here is a copy of Vyv’s info.
    See my guide to standing rigging setup at https://coxengineering.sharepoint.com/Pages/Standingrigging.aspx My 34 rig has been set up using this method for many years. Last year I borrowed a Loos gauge during the replacement of a chainplate, also on my website, and found that the tensions achieved by my method were spot on as measured by the gauge.

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    Vyv Cox

    The figures I measured were:
    Starboard: Cap shroud 13%, Lower 9-10%
    Port: Cap shroud 10%, Lower 9-10%
    Babystay 14%
    Backstay 20%

    These are all within the range quoted for masthead rigs.

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    not quite sure what you mean in percentages regarding the settings.

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    Vyv Cox

    The figures are the extension from the original length. This is the method the Loos gauge uses.

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    John Moncrieff

    I have a gauge that distorts the wire and is calibrated in % of breaking strain.
    Depends what gauge you intend to use.

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